The accommodation below constitutes a list of suggestions rather than recommendations. That said, these places all have good reputations and are within 1.5 miles of Goldsmith’s College at a range of prices. There are of course other hotels available, so should you wish to search for yourself, we would recommend staying within the Greenwich/New Cross area. If you want to stay in a more touristy area, please see the note at the foot of this page.

Although the student accommodation at Goldsmith’s itself is now fully booked, there are still University rooms available across London. These are often the cheapest, although they will involve travel (see note at the foot of this page). Search



Alternatively, there is a wide range of choice for Airbnb in the Greenwich or New Cross area

For those who want to stay more centrally, London Bridge is the most convenient area for a short journey on the overland train to New Cross or New Cross Gate, while the Jubilee tubeline has good connections (changing at Canada Water to the overland). The New Cross area is also served by a number of bus routes: our recommendation, should you wish to stay elsewhere in London, is that you check the location with us first so that we can advise on the feasibility of travel. If you haven’t been to London before, you WILL be surprised by how long it can take to travel across the city!